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Doctor's Group Photo

SMC Pharmacy

Dr M Usman and Dr Anis Ul Haq in OT

SMC Medical College Project

Dr.Sher Muhammad Khan and Dr Abdul-Hameed along with E.D Dr.Mohammad Usman on the College construction site

Medical College construction work is in progress

Architect Attiqqayyam with his team on the college construction site

Aftar Party during Ramdan

Welcome to Swat Medical Complex

Swat Medical Complex (SMC) is a purpose built multispecialty hospital located in a peaceful and prime area of Saidu Sharif.

Swat historically has been the center for learning activities and attractive for its natural beauty, serenity and other riches all along known history as evident from the writings of numerous visitors and vivid presence of innumerable archeological sites scattered throughout the valley. The natural beauty of Swat is a blend of lush green and snow covered peaks, the historic and beautiful River Swat, terraced fields, springs and streams all along side vallies and its fruit orchards and many more. Education and softness are well known traits of Swati people (valleyswat.net).

In terms of medical facilities and patient flow, Swat is only second to Peshawar. Apart from local patients, Swat also drains patients from adjacent districts i.e. Buner, Dir, Shangla, Malakand agency, Kohistan and Chitral thus making this a huge catchment area. The existing medical facilities in Swat for this large population were less than adequate. Swat, therefore, had a justified need to have a hospital like SMC in private sector.

SMC is a two hundred bedded hospital. There is a five bed intensive care unit and a state of the art operation theater, well staffed and equipped for all kinds of minor and major operations. The hospital is well equipped professionally and diagnostically. There is a library and an auditorium on the top floor where all facilities for presentations and other academic activities are available. There is also hostel for the nursing staff and a canteen in the vicinity. The hospital has a sizable car parking facility.

Apart from general medical and general surgical services, the hospital also offers orthopaedic, eye (ophthalmology), ENT (otolaryngology), chest (pulmonology) and gastroenterological services. Invasive pulmonology and neurological services will also be offered in near future and there are bright prospects of attracting other specialties as well.

On the diagnostic side, SMC has a full fledge laboratory being run under the supervision of specialists and a radiology department offering from plain X. Rays to contrast studies, ultrasound and CT scan etc.

SMC is owned and run by a group of specialist doctors. They are members of the Executive Board (EB) which is the policy making body who implements its decisions through the Executive Director (ED) who heads the administrative staff. The EB meets regularly and is committed to further upgrade SMC both professionally and diagnostically.

A number of specialist doctors here, UK, Ireland, America and other countries have expressed their interest to join SMC. Some of them have already been inducted as partners. Few of them have joined SMC physically while others are due to report in near future.

Our aim is to further improve our services to a maximum possible, attract as much human resource in the field i.e. specialist doctors from abroad and all other supporting staff to provide a state of the art service to our community at their door step. There is an impressive component of helping the poor patients and charity works. We aim to make our hospital a noble place for academic and research activities.

The Executive Board has recently made a unanimous decision to establish a paramedical school, nursing school and a private medical college in future. Work on this project has already commenced.